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December 7, 2017
Understanding ANPR and CCTV

Locked and Secure Ltd vansWe’re often asked whether ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and LPR (licence plate recognition) cameras can be incorporated into CCTV systems these days. Unfortunately, there’s not a straightforward answer to this and we’ll need to dig a little deeper before we can say yes or no.

In reality, not every camera will suit every site. ANPR can certainly be useful in certain circumstances and with the right technology, they can provide a secondary response. For example, you can position a camera on a car park and notify the software which number plates can trigger a barrier to lift to allow entry.

With additional software, it’s possible for generic cameras to be set up to view number plates in the right lighting when the car is travelling at a relatively slow speed, however this may have a low rate of success and could not be relied upon for general observation.

For ANPR to be effective, the camera must be specified for the correct distance, field of view, height and angle. A camera will specify the maximum speed at which a number plate can be recognised, which can be anything from 20mph to 150mph, but this will be dependent on the budget you have for the camera or project.

As always, we like to find technological solutions to problems, and thanks to LTS, we’ve found something. We can now provide you with a camera capable of viewing number plates in a range of lighting levels (depending on the camera), and the software to store and search for number plates. Combined, you will be able to search for a number plate based on knowing a small portion of the letters and numbers.

Take a look at this video to see how the system works.

Unfortunately though, it’s not always practical to incorporate ANPR into your CCTV system, and there are many different reasons for this. We look into this during our free site audit and let you know our findings. Sharing our knowledge of systems and technology to give you a good understanding of what can and can’t be achieved is one of our specialities.

For more information about ANPR and LPR cameras, or to discuss specific requirements of your site, please call us on 01908 493233, 01205 449399 or 01733 598039. Alternatively, you can write to us via our contact page or request your free security audit here.

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