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November 19, 2013
Distraction Burglary


We often see stories in the news about Distraction Burglaries but what exactly is this and how can we keep ourselves safe.


What is Distraction Burglary?

  •  Distraction Burglary is when the offender attempts to trick or dupe the occupant whilst either they or co offenders access the property with the intention of stealing. Elderly people are more often the target for such burglaries.


What do the offenders do? 

  • Offenders have been known to pretend to be from Utility Companies, Sales Reps, Police Officers in order to gain the trust of the resident to gain access to their property
  • Some offenders will work in teams; they may pretend to have lost a ball in the garden or a dog out walking. One offender will offer to go in the property and look for the lost item or use the phone whilst the other will keep you talking.
  • Distraction burglars will often appear friendly and you may not realise for some time that you have been burgled.


How can I keep myself safe?

  • If you are not expecting someone or you don’t know who is at your door then DON’T answer it.
  • Even if you are expecting someone for an appointment, always ask for Identification. Genuine callers will be happy to produce photo identification; if you are still not sure then don’t let them in.
  • Many companies will use a unique password that is prearranged -with you so you will know they are a genuine caller.
  • Don’t leave valuables and cash around the home; keep money in the bank and jewellery in a safe. If someone is in your home, don’t make it easy for them to find valuables.
  • “The Water Board” no longer exists.
  • If you are using local companies to complete work in your home, chose a company that completes criminal record checks on its employees, better still look for companies who are Trading Standards Approved so they have done all the checks for you!
  • Join a local Neighborhood Watch Scheme


For more tips on keeping yourself safe from Burglary or if you have an elderly friend or relative who may benefit from some advice on home security don’t forget we offer a completely FREE Home Security Survey. Call us on 01908 483 233



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