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August 3, 2018

Is your CCTV GDPR compliant?Did you know that the new data protection regulation, GDPR, affects CCTV systems?

GDPR came into effect at the end of May, so we thought we’d let you all know a little bit about CCTV data compliancy, so you know just how seriously we take data protection.

Why do CCTV systems need to comply with GDPR?

GDPR is all about protecting personal information. It covers the information you hold about people, how you process it and how you keep it safe. By capturing an image of someone on CCTV, you’re capturing personal data about them.

We hope you’ll be reassured that this is nothing new to us. The Data Protection Act, which pre-dates GDPR, also covered the use of CCTV systems.

Is GDPR discouraging the use of CCTV?

Definitely not. GDPR simply means the way we all capture and hold information about people is fair and just.

Who does GDPR impact when it comes to security?

If you’re using CCTV for your business, the new regulation applies to you. The type of premises or business you run does not make a difference; you need to be compliant.

Homeowners with CCTV don’t need to worry as the regulation doesn’t impact them, unless they run a business from their home.

We already have a CCTV system, what do we need to do?

In order to comply, you need to make sure that signals through a wireless communication are encrypted. The same applies to systems that can transmit images over the internet. By encrypting the information, you are preventing it from being able to be intercepted.

Systems that transmit images over the internet will also need a form of authentication, such as a username and secure password, to enable access.

You also need to consider where your information is kept. Is the device that stores your CCTV footage accessible to anyone, or is it locked away in a secure location? Thankfully most newer systems store footage in an encrypted format, which prevents unauthorised access, should it end up in the wrong hands.

What happens if we don’t comply?

If your CCTV system doesn’t comply with the new regulations, you will face a hefty fine.

We hope this helps you understand the link between GDPR and CCTV systems, but if you’re in any doubt, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01908 483233, 01205 449399 or 01733 598039. Alternatively, you can email us via our website and we’ll be happy to help.

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