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February 20, 2014
Having a burglar alarm fitted by Locked and Secure- a customer testimonial

What was stolen was of huge sentimental value, but not material value,

so an alarm hadn’t even entered our heads.


My two year old son, Daniel, died four years ago from a brain haemorrhage. We were burgled last year, and the thieves stole a pendant which contained my son’s ashes. They probably didn’t know what it was, but obviously we were devastated, as it was all we had left of him. They also stole bracelets my daughters had given me, so we put an appeal out on TV and the radio to see if we could get the items returned. Locked & Secure got in touch with the detective handling our case, and offered to help by giving us an alarm to make us feel safe again. We were completely blown away that somebody we didn’t know would help us in this way, out of the kindness of their hearts.


We hadn’t even thought about getting an alarm, either before or after we were burgled, because we didn’t own anything of value. We haven’t got any expensive items, most of our stuff is old. What was stolen was of huge sentimental value, but not material value, so an alarm hadn’t even entered our heads.


When Locked & Secure offered us an alarm, we were over the moon. We had no qualms about letting them into our home, even though we were obviously feeling a bit vulnerable at the time, because we found out they had a criminal justice background, and often work with a personal security company run by ex police officers, so that gave us peace of mind.


They were brilliant. When David came round, he was lovely. He fitted a wireless alarm with sensors to cover the vulnerable areas of our property. My husband works shifts, so now when he’s on nights I can set the alarm downstairs when the kids and I go to bed, and I feel so much safer. And my husband feels confident and happier while he’s at work knowing that we’re safe.


Everything with Locked & Secure was fantastic. Talking to Karen, she was lovely, and then dealing with David. He was so friendly and genuine and explained everything. Nothing was too much trouble for him.  We’ve already recommended them to my parents, and David has been round to do a quote for fitting an alarm for them as well. We were very happy with the whole experience of dealing with Locked & Secure and will continue to recommend them.


We had a massive amount of local support after the appeal, but sadly we haven’t had any of our items returned. You could get quite angry if you thought about the hurt that can be caused by a few selfish people, but all the support we had, and Locked & Secure coming forward to fit an alarm for us gives you back a bit of faith in humanity which is nice.

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