door entry systems allow you to manage access to your premises
There are a number of reasons why you might want to instal a door entry system. 
Do you need to provide contact-free access to your business or essential healthcare services? 
Do you know someone who is staying at home with limited mobility due to illness or injury? 
Entrances and exits for your property are high traffic areas. With lots of people passing through and touching handles and surfaces they can increase the risk of infection for employees and visitors. 

What is a door entry system? 

A door entry system will give you the power to control who comes into your property. There will be an outdoor unit and one or more on the inside allowing you to communicate directly with visitors. 

Benefits of a door entry system 

An effective door entry system with audio, video, sensors and even temperature detection and facial recognition can allow you to: 
speak with visitors before entry 
see who is approaching or who is at your door 
remotely or automatically open doors when people arrive or leave 
have a record of who has entered your property and, in larger buildings, where they are 
prevent access to people who are not authorised or who have a high temperature, for example. 
There are choices to suit all types of requirements from simple low-cost solutions to sophisticated options for large and busy premises. Many are available with easy-to-use apps and dashboards that allow you to control your system wherever you are. 

Managing business access 

Many building owners are looking for practical and effective ways to control access to their premises. Managing how many people can enter and leave your building, or who can access specific areas became important priorities during the pandemic. 
All types of businesses can benefit, including hotels, clinics, schools, dentists, office premises and building sites. From simple audio solutions to hi-tech multi-way video systems, there are options to suit all types of requirement. Importantly, you can choose a system now that can be extended when more people return to work or to visit shops and restaurants, for example. 
Proximity sensitive access cards or security fobs mean that authorised people can move around easily without having to touch doors or handles. You will also know who has been where, and when. 

Access control for your home 

There are many reasons why a door entry system could be useful at home. These could include: 
limited mobility 
health concerns that make you vulnerable to infection 
family members who need to be kept safe. 
A low-cost audio and video solution will allow you to see and speak with visitors without having to open your door. Sensors mean that your visitors don’t need to make any physical contact. 

High-tech solutions for shared properties 

The new range from Intratone includes a SIM card that provides 10 to 15 years’ preloaded data capacity. 
Housing associations and other shared properties are finding this approach especially helpful when they are upgrading their access systems. Handsets are no longer needed for each flat, apartment, or office, and installation can be completed within safe working guidelines. 
Intratone provides a free and secure management portal,, that will allow you to control everything from a PC, so details can be changed easily when people ro businesses move, or access devices and codes are lost. 
Get in touch if you would like to arrange a free security audit for your property or to find out more about door entry systems. 
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