It's easy to miss out on the full benefits of your CCTV system
Now that you have had your new CCTV system installed, here are some tips to help you take full advantage of it. 
To start with, the instructions you receive when your system is installed and the information that is provided will be clear and easy to follow. However, as time goes by you might assume that everything is working well and forget some important steps. 

Our top CCTV tips 

Every week: 
check what has been captured in your recordings 
check your hard drive is recording properly. 
Make sure you know how much video can be held on your system’s hard drive so that you will know when to download any recordings you need. Practice downloading images and video from your system so that you can use it confidently. 
remove dust and cobwebs from your cameras to improve your night images 
CCTV recordings are covered by data protection regulations so make sure you have followed the correct process and are displaying the right signage. 
if you’re fitting lighting after your CCTV system is installed, talk to your engineer about the location of the lights because they could affect the quality of your images 
if you change or reset your router it could affect your remote connection, so check with your engineer first 
if you lose remote connection to your system, check that it is still connected to your router via a direct cable or powerline adaptor and make sure it is plugged in and switched on. 
If your internet connection is lost, your CCTV system will still be recording to its internal hard drive. As soon as you have a connection again you will be able to access any data you missed. 
If you have any questions about your CCTV system, please get in touch. 
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