Horse owners are understandably concerned about the health and safety of their animals.
With recent concerns over attacks on horses, it’s no surprise that owners have become increasingly interested in equestrian security. 
As horse owners ourselves, we understand just how important it is to know that our animals are healthy and safe from harm. 
Thanks to our own security system we were able to monitor our horse regularly when he was unwell. 

What is equestrian security? 

You can take simple steps to keep your horses, tack and equipment safe such as making sure stable and tack room doors and frames are solid and securely locked when you’re not on site. 
Taking good colour photos of your horses will help with identification if they are ever stolen and you can consider hoof branding, freeze marking or a microchip implant. It’s also a good idea to security mark your property with a product like SelectaDNA
CCTV allows you to monitor your horses remotely
We’ve been asked to fit security measures to protect tack and stable equipment quite frequently over the years. Intruder alarms will make sure you’re alerted if there’s any unusual activity on site. More recently our customers have specifically asked us to instal CCTV systems so they can see their horses and know they are safe when they’re not with them. 

CCTV for your horse 

CCTV will give you some peace of mind where your horses are concerned. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access images from your smartphone, tablet device or computer. You will be able to see that your horse is safe and secure even if you’re on the other side of the world. 
Another benefit of CCTV is that you can play back recordings. If your horse is injured, you will want them to heal as quickly as possible. By playing back your CCTV recording you can find out how they were injured if you weren’t with them when it happened. 
You can also be reassured that anyone caring for your horse is looking after your animal as you would yourself. If you discover that your horse is ill or injured, or the perimeter has been tampered with, you can contact someone on the spot and they will be able to react quickly to the situation. 
It’s also fun to watch and find out what your horse is up to when you’re not around using the live feed on your phone. With a camera overlooking your menage you can also look back on your recordings to see whether your riding habits can be improved. 

CCTV solutions for all settings 

Whether your horse is on your own land or at the local livery yard, you can check in on them whenever you like with one of our CCTV systems. Following our free, no obligation security audit, we can recommend the perfect package for your needs. 
CCTV can also be a useful tool for farm security, allowing you to monitor your farmyard animals and machinery. It can be integrated with your other security measures so everything works together to minimise the risks of rural crime. 
We look forward to helping you improve your equestrian security to make sure all your horses are safe, healthy and secure.  
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