Sentinel smoke screens by Concept are a non confrontational security option
One simple but very effective solution to protect your valuable items is a smoke screen. 
Smoke Screens
If criminals aren’t deterred by CCTV cameras and security alarm systems and enter your property, the next line of defence can be the rapid deployment of a non-toxic fog that prevents them from seeing what they have come to steal. They won’t have any option but to leave immediately; otherwise, they risk being trapped in your property until help arrives. 
It’s a non-violent, non-confrontational option that can keep you and your property safe. Once the criminals have left and the smoke has cleared there won’t be any residue, so there’s minimum inconvenience for you as well. 
It’s an ideal choice for business premises with valuable equipment, shops, entertainment venues, and sports clubs where valuable cycles or boats might be stored for example. It’s even safe to use with sensitive equipment, such as IT server rooms. 

Sentinel smoke screens 

Locked and Secure recommend the Concept Sentinel Smoke Screen range, which is designed for permanent installation as a fully integrated part of your intruder alarm system or as a stand-alone addition. 
The advanced security smoke generators and electronics separate critical fault outputs so you can always be confident about its operational status. The range is internet protocol (IP) enabled so you have flexible options for monitoring and configuring the devices and each unit has an LCD status display and on-board event log for additional peace of mind. 

Reliable and effective 

Sentinel smoke screens
The heater blocks in the Sentinel range allow sustained production of security fog for large areas and the top-of-the-range model is capable of a minimum of 90 minutes’ operation, even using battery power. It’s also suitable for a wide range of operating conditions from -10°C to 50°C. 

Smoke screen applications 

Cash handling – cash handling processes often involve multiple stages that all need to be protected. Professional thieves will always target the weakest part of your cash handling chain which is often the cash handling centre itself or the automatic teller machine (ATM) bunkers. Both are ideal locations for smoke screens. 
Offices – valuable portable items including laptops, company car keys, and petty cash boxes are commonly stored in offices. Premises are often empty at night, making them an ideal target for criminals. While your insurance might cover the cost of any items that are stolen the disruption and potential loss of important and sensitive data could damage your business reputation. As a preventative measure, installing a smoke screen is certainly worth considering. 
At home – while smoke screens have a proven track record in offices, warehouses and shops they are also a viable security option for your home, giving you peace of mind while you’re away. In the worst case, if intruders enter your home while you are there you will have valuable extra time to call for help and to conceal yourself to stay safe from harm. They can also be integrated into your monitored alarm system for an immediate response in an emergency. 
Get in touch to find out more about smoke screens for your home or business. 
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