With a modern doorbell you can see who's calling.
New video doorbells can be really straightforward to set up and could make your life much simpler and more secure. 
As we all start to use new smart home technology, spare a thought for the humble doorbell. Now you can not only see who’s calling at your door, there are motion sensors, and you can speak to your visitors too – all controlled via your smartphone. 

Know who’s calling 

Now that home deliveries are much more common, it’s good to be able to see who is on your doorstep before you open the door or to be able to tell someone where to leave your parcel if you’re not at home. 
If you now work from home, it’s a good way to make sure your contactless deliveries are left somewhere safe without having to move from your desk. 
If you have frail or elderly relatives who find it difficult to make it to their front door quickly this is also a really good way to remotely ask despatch companies to leave deliveries so they can be collected later. 

A popular range of video doorbells from Ring 

Ring’s range is becoming one of the most popular ways to make sure your home is secure using your smartphone. The versions with rechargeable batteries don’t need wiring. There’s even a solar charging option. 
The latest Ring Video Doorbell includes customisable motion settings and Wi-Fi connection. It is as attractively designed as previous models and will look sleek and modern next to your doorframe. 
You have the option to wire it in to replace your existing doorbell, or you can use it separately, paired with Ring Chime which will respond when someone presses the doorbell. 
Then all you need to do is download the Ring app on your Android or iOS smartphone and create an account. 
When someone presses the button or approaches your door, you’ll get a notification on your phone. If they press the doorbell, the chime will activate, and a video call will appear on your phone. 
Even if you’re away from home you can still have a conversation with whoever is at your door. You might need to adjust the motion sensor settings under ‘my devices’ in the app if you find they are too sensitive. For added reassurance, motion tracking can trigger a video recording as a subscription service when movement is detected. 

Adding devices and users 

It’s easy to add other users to the app, so everyone in your property can have access. You can also connect with other Ring devices in the app. 
If you use the virtual personal assistant, Alexa, you also have the option of hands-free operation via Alexa’s app. You can even ask Alexa to turn on compatible smart lights or make announcements when someone comes to your door. 

A good option for home security 

If you are looking for a straightforward way to improve your home security or to provide added confidence for people who are at home alone, Ring provide an elegant solution that’s easy to use. 
If you would like some advice about smart security options for your home, we’ll be happy to help, so please get in touch. 
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