Are you putting up the 'Closed for Christmas' sign this year?
If you are shutting up shop (office or factory) over the festive period to enjoy some time with your friends and family there are a few security and safety issues to think about. 
Spare a thought for anyone in your team who will be working over the holidays, including anyone who needs to respond to an emergency, to help ensure they won’t receive a call out. 

Christmas crime 

Unfortunately, criminals don’t stop breaking into properties at this time of year. In fact, with our background in the criminal justice system, we know that many of them consider it is a prime time to break in to premises because they know there’s a good chance that they’ll be empty. 

Prepare your security systems 

Regularly checking your intruder alarm and CCTV systems are in good working order is necessary all year round but is especially important at this time of year. Run some tests so that you can be confident everything works as you expect. Make sure you have enough time for any problems to be addressed. Also, make someone responsible for turning it all on before you close for Christmas and that they know what to do. 
If you have a door entry or access control systems in place, lock off any zones you don’t want people to access over the holidays. 

Who will respond? 

Make sure your keyholders and emergency contacts are aware that they are on stand-by and will be available over the Christmas period. 
If your system sends keyholders an SMS or pop-up notification when your security has been breached, make sure whoever should respond will always be in an area with good signal coverage. If that’s not possible, change who the notifications are sent to, so someone will be notified straightaway if an incident takes place. 

Changing passwords and passcodes 

This is a good time to change any passcodes and passwords associated with your security systems, safes, and vaults, along with any other equipment that requires login information. 
Once you’ve changed the details, keep them to yourself and only share them with keyholders and personnel who might need access over the holiday period. 

Review your security arrangements 

We recommend that all business premises should have a security system. However, if your business doesn’t have a system, there are still things you can do to protect your property and assets. 
Timer switches are cheap and easy to use. Lights, radios, TVs, or any other devices you have in your workplace can be turned on and off automatically throughout the Christmas period. This will give the impression that people are on site and deter potential intruders. 
Lights with passive infrared (PIR) sensors above doors and large windows can automatically illuminate the space when someone passes by, so they are another cost-effective way to discourage intruders. They won’t want to be seen breaking into your property. 
If you have any cash inside your building, make sure it is locked in a safe or vault which is hidden from view. 
Make a careful check of your outhouses, gates, and fences. Choose good quality padlocks and chains where necessary, and make sure you put anything that might tempt thieves out of sight. 
We can provide you with useful advice to give you extra peace of mind during the festivities. 
Please get in touch if you would like a free security audit of your business premises.  
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