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March 23, 2018
Protect your Home and Family this Spring

Protecting your home and family this springSpring is finally here, and although the weather hasn’t quite caught up with the season change, it’s time to consider the security implications spring brings.

When the wintry weather passes, we’ll all start opening our windows and doors to let fresh air into our homes. We’ll also spend more time outside in our gardens, often leaving our sheds and garages open with expensive equipment on display.

Unfortunately, opportunists and burglars know these springtime tendencies all too well and use them to their advantage. They look for easy access into homes, outbuildings, sheds and garages when they believe you’re not around.

So how do we enjoy the warmer months without becoming a victim of crime or compromising our family’s safety? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your home and family this spring.

As the clocks go forward this weekend, take time to familiarise yourself with these tips and tricks to prevent break-ins and theft, so you can enjoy the season in safety.

Security Tips for Spring

Use your house alarm
If you have one, use it. Alarms are the main deterrent for burglars.

Make access difficult
Make access to your home and outbuildings as difficult as possible. Make sure your side and rear gates are closed and locked at all times.

Lock the front if you’re in your back garden
Lock your front doors and windows, including upstairs windows, when you’re in your back garden.

Lock the back if you’re in your front garden
It works both ways. Lock your back doors and windows, including upstairs windows, when you’re in your front garden.

Lock all doors and windows when you leave
This may sound obvious but always double check your doors and windows are shut and locked securely when you leave your property.

Lock outbuildings
Lock outbuildings with good quality padlocks and door chains where necessary.

Double lock your doors
Double lock your doors when possible. If you have uPVC doors, remember lifting the handle does not lock the door. Lift the handle then lock the door with a key.

Use the correct locks
Make sure you have the correct locks on your main entry and exit doors. If you’re not sure whether yours are OK, contact us for a free, no obligation survey.

Make your home look occupied
If you’re leaving home before it gets light or will be returning when it’s dark, use timer switches to turn lights, radios and TVs etc. on and off.

Light your pathway
Install a sensor light so your pathway and front door are lit during dark mornings and late evenings.

Distraction burglary
Be aware of people trying to distract you away from your home, especially during the early mornings. They may be working with an accomplice.

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