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November 25, 2020
Security solutions to keep your business covid-secure
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Keeping your business covid-secure is challenging, especially when things are changing almost every day.

You have probably implemented a whole range of new safety, protection and security measures which you must now maintain and keep up to date. It’s good to know that there are some clever technologies available to help you automate, monitor and control aspects of your business and meet the requirements to:

  • identify risks
  • maintain records
  • manage measures, policies and procedures 
  • communicate 
  • adapt existing security arrangements. 

The more visible your solutions are to your employees, customers and visitors, the more effective and reassuring they are likely to be.

Challenges to being covid-secure

Your risk assessment will highlight where you can add and strengthen measures to keep people safe, but you also need to keep pace with change. This means your security culture, as well as your systems and policies, need to be kept up to date with your business requirements. 

This will include your Protective Security Management Systems (PSeMS).


Steps you can take include access control and door entry systems to manage the number of people in all or part of a building. You can automatically or remotely prevent people from going into areas when they don’t need to. You can manage overall numbers and make sure the right teams are working together to minimise risks.

Touch-free access systems are now available to reduce risks in high-traffic areas.

You can also use infrared thermal cameras that will give a visual display of  temperature, potentially identifying people with a fever.

Handheld wireless cameras are ideal for mobile uses, allowing you to move around for spot checks or to help manage busy times.You can even have face mask detection cameras to monitor and control specific areas where face masks are required. Easy displays will allow you to identify people without masks and give voice prompts from the camera when they are identified.


Motion sensors can trigger display screens carrying important messages. They can also be used to control the number of people entering public spaces through automatic doors, for example.

You can also create virtual tours of your premises, showing one-way systems or limited access areas.

More information 

Here is some other information from the National Cyber Security Centre you might find helpful as you manage your business during the covid-19 outbreak:

If you would like advice about how technology could help you keep your business covid-secure please get in touch.

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