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July 17, 2015
Simple Steps to Keep your Home Safe this Summer

Keep your home safe this summer with Locked and SecureLots of us love to be out in the garden when the weather’s lovely, soaking up the sun, gardening, clearing out the shed, having a BBQ and playing games with the family.

It’s a happy time of year and we want to keep it that way for everyone, which is why we’re sending you a few free ideas to help you prevent crime at home.

Things to be Mindful of this Summer

Distraction Burglaries

In summer, you’re more likely to have balls and other objects finding their way into your garden. The majority of people knocking on your door and asking for their balls back will be innocent requests, but bear in mind that some might not. Instead of letting them access your garden through your home or side gate, tell them you’ll kick the ball back over, close and lock the door, then send their ball back.

Being in your Garden

Whether you’re gardening, putting the washing out or just enjoying the sunshine, whenever you’re in your garden, be aware of the windows and doors at the other side of your property. We understand it’s tempting to leave windows ajar, but only open the back if you’re in your back garden, or the front if you’re out the front.

Leaving your Home

We know it’s nice to come home to a cool house that smells fresh, but if you leave your home, make sure you close and lock all your windows, upstairs and downstairs. Should the worst happen, you may invalidate your insurance if you didn’t secure your home, plus there’s nothing worse than feeling like you let burglars in.

Going on Holiday

However tempting it may be, refrain from posting anything about your holiday on social media until you come home. Announcing to the world that no one will be in your home for a week or two gives burglars the perfect opportunity. Make sure you set your burglar alarm while you’re away and nominate a keyholder. Ensure your alarm is in full working order with regular services so you know it will do its job and contact the right people if needed while you’re away.

Remember to:
  • Use your house alarm if you have one
  • Check, shut and lock all your doors and windows when you leave your home
  • Always make sure side and rear gates are closed and locked at all times
  • Lock your front doors and windows if you’re in your back garden
  • Lock your back doors and windows if you’re in your front garden
  • Lock outbuildings with good quality padlocks or door chains

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