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October 29, 2013
The Clocks Went Back!

The clocks went back!

The Police have been busy issuing warnings about the increased risk of burglaries as the darker evenings draw in. Last weekend the clocks went back but did you think about your home security?

Burglary is mostly an opportunistic crime and the darker evenings provide that increased opportunity. Step back from your home and try and see it as a burglar may see it on a dark evening.

Here are some tips on things to do to increase security in your home:

  • Think about outside lighting
  • Front boundaries such as trees and hedges should be cut back to prevent offenders from hiding and concealing themselves
  • Make sure you lock all sheds, garages and gates. Don’t leave garden tools lying around to help someone gain access to your property
  • Don’t leave valuables on display, put computers and phones away in cupboards and keep car and house keys in a safe place
  • Mark all your property with Smart Water or a UV Pen and register your valuable on it’s free and helps Police, you and the second hand trade identify stolen items and recover them.
  • Police advise to put lights or radios on timers, make your property look occupied even if it isn’t.
  • Finally- Lock all doors and windows when you leave. Many burglars enter a property by walking straight through an unlocked door or climbing through an open window.

If you need any help or advice around improving home security please call us on 01908 483233 or email us your questions to We offer a FREE safety and security audit of your property with tips and advice on all aspects of security so if you want to know more. give us a call.

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