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February 22, 2019
Understanding Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments from Locked and Secure LtdAdding fire safety to our services is great news for our customers, as it means they only need to deal with one company for all their security and fire safety needs. After calling or emailing us, the first port of call is always an onsite assessment. If you’re enquiring about security, we’ll arrange for a security audit to take place, and if you’re asking about fire safety, we’ll arrange for a fire risk assessor to visit your premises.


What are fire risk assessments?

Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for almost all premises where people could be working. They’re carried out by a fully-trained, responsible person who assesses your premises for fire hazards and areas that could become fire risks. The assessment will highlight these hazards and risks, and inform the business of what it needs to put in place to prevent a fire and keep those within and around your premises safe.

If your workplace has five or more employees working at your premises, you must keep a written record of your assessment. We’d suggest keeping a record of your assessments regardless, however many people work in your building.

Do we need to hire a specialist to carry out a fire risk assessment?

Not necessarily. If your workplace is small, you or a member of your team can carry out a fire risk assessment for your company. However, please be aware the assessor will need to be trained, completely up to date on the latest legislation and understand exactly what’s required to assess a place of work for fire risks and hazards. If your workplace is larger or more of a complex set up, we strongly suggest you hire a professional.

Why do we need a fire risk assessment?

We all know that fire can cause total devastation. What would happen if a fire erupted in your place of work? Would employees be safe? Could your business continue without the assets you’ve accrued? What if the entire building was destroyed? With that in mind, we think the answer is clear; you need a fire risk assessment to identify areas that are, or might become a fire hazard, so that you can address them and implement strategies to eradicate them.

How do we Arrange a Fire Risk Assessment?

Simply give us a call on 01908 483233, 01205 449399 or 01733 598039, or message us today about carrying out a risk assessment. We’ll arrange the assessment with a highly experienced officer at a time that’s suitable for you both. It’s that easy!

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