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August 29, 2014
Being a victim of Burglary an increased risk.

Why are my chances of being burgled higher if I have been a victim of crime and how can I reduce this?

Unfortunately, once you have been a victim of burglary there is a higher chance of being burgled again. The same offenders or their associates are most likely to be responsible.

Reasons for this include:

  • They may choose to return to the property having missed something they intended to take, or they were disturbed. This time, they know your vulnerable areas, they know how to get in the property and they are likely to be quicker as they know what they want.
    • They are most likely to look for obvious signs of increased security such as replacing broken locks, repairs to windows, installation of an alarm.
    • Make sure you repair any damages and secure your home as soon as possible following a break in
  • You are more likely to have a weak point from entry being gained the first time; the offender may have taken some keys or left a window slightly ajar to make it easier.
    • Ensure you have accounted for all your keys and if you are not sure- change the locks.
    • Check your internal as well as your external security. Lock away garden tools, check windows are locked etc, don’t give them tools to help them get in a second time.
  • If the offender has stolen high value possessions for example TV, Laptops, Phones etc they will know the homeowner is likely to focus their efforts on replacing these items immediately most likely before considering security. Therefore the offender now knows that property has brand new goods in that are easy to sell on.
    • Make sure you take boxes to the tip- don’t leave on show outside your property.
    • Don’t advertise new possessions on social media- you never know who is watching
    • Make securing your home a priority over replacing possessions
  • Your home may be attractive to burglars as it appears particularly unsecure, is left unoccupied for long periods or is in an isolated area.
    • Make sure you take steps to improve home security- See our top tips for more information on how to do this on a budget
    • Consider installing (and using!) a burglar alarm.

Who else can help me?

Victim Support offer help and advice to burglary victims.

Locked and Secure offer a FREE home security audit to help you identify any week points in your home.

If you need any advice of support with all aspects of home security- contact us today on 01908 483233

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