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February 3, 2014
Burglary- the risks and why home security is so important.

Some statistic on Burglary and Property Theft… stats

  • 5 in every 100 households were a victim of Vandalism
  • 5 in every 100 households were a victim of Vehicle Theft
  • 2 in every 100 households were a victim of Burglary

 The most common items stolen in Burglary-

  1. Purse, Wallets and money
  2. Computer equipment
  3. Jewellery 

There is an attempted burglary every 45 seconds in England and Wales

             (Source ONS- 2012-13) 

The most common reason we hear for not improving home security “I’ve got nothing worth stealing”, or “I’ve got a dog”.

 M and M

Burglary is not a crime that affects us only financially it also has a significant emotional impact as well. It is often not until we have been a victim of burglary or another crime that the full force of this can be appreciated.

At Locked and Secure we work hard to educate our customers on improving home security, this does not always mean spending large amounts of money on expensive security systems, although they do have a place. This can be about simple changes we can make to our habits and routines as well as DIY options to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. burglaryAn Opportunity– burglary more often than not is an opportunistic crime; burglars target homes as they offer an easy opportunity with the least amount of obstacles in the way to gain access.

 How can I reduce the risk?

  • Make sure you lock all doors and windows
  • Don’t leave them the tools for the job- lock away ladders, bins and other tools that would give burglars easy access to your home
  • If your away- make it look like you’re at home… leave lights and radios on timer switches, don’t advertise your movements on social media, ask a neighbour or relative to check the property.

 If you need any help or advice around securing your home or for more tips on home security (or if you don’t want to rely on your dog!), please contact us on 01908 483233

We can carry out a Free Security Audit of your property and leave you with a report to advise on the areas you can improve your home security. 008


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