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March 12, 2020
Five Foundation Principles for Crime Prevention

Five considerations to follow and review in improving your security and safety.

Enabling you to identify with any weak or vulnerable aspects of your home.



Changes that would assist in dissuasion of criminal activity.

  • Using timer switches to make your house look occupied with lights or radio. Make use of security lighting and ensure it is in working order.
  • Visual dissuasion ie. Alarm bell boxes, security signs, CCTV and Doorbell camera.
  • Environment changes deter anti – social behavior, keep areas free from waste. Fly tipping, report to your local council for removal and any council deterrence. If you have alley ways or paths by your property always report any anti – social behavior.
  • Report any broken streetlights to the relevant authority.

Reduce your Vulnerability

Being able to recognise your susceptibility for criminal activity.

  • Slow criminals down make your property harder to access.
  • Ensure all access doors, windows have a good quality lock, consider fitting sash jammers to windows.
  • Reduce the means of access, your ladders and wheelie bins aid access to higher windows. Tools can be used to break windows. Think about where they are stored is this storage area locked?
  • Have you considered joining Neighborhood watch and Home watch, these are a partnership where people come together to be involved with watch programs which decreases opportunities for criminals to commit crime.
  • Homes without any security are five times more likely to be a victim of burglary.
  • With the increasing trend of pet theft ensure your pets are micro chipped and details are correct and up to date.

Physical Security

Awareness of the environment around your property and how to enhance the safety.

  • Do you have any high hedges or fences at the front of your property, this allows an offender to work unseen. Consider low front boundaries to allow your neighbours to help monitor your property.
  • High hedges and fencing at the rear impeding view and access.
  • Consider having an Intruder Alarm system fitted. Alarms can be fitted to be pet friendly.

Benefits are:

It protects your property,

It is a visual deterrent,

It can notify you of an intruder.

Is difficult for intruders to defeat.

  • CCTV/Doorbell cameras

Benefits are:

Can be a good deterrent

Works well with your intruder alarm providing visual verification.

Keep in touch with your home especially if you are away for long periods ie holidays,

Can be used to collect evidence of criminal activity or suspected criminal activity.

               Helps build a picture or create a timeline.

  • Forensic Marking – Smart Water and SelectaDNA
  • Have you thought about taking photos of your jewellery, electrical goods and family heirlooms or any other valuable items. Check out This site helps keep records of an item as well as helping Police with recovery.



Habits and Routines

Thinking of our daily patterns and routines which benefits criminal activity.


  • Are car keys hanging in a visual place? Think about storing keys in cupboards, out of sight.
  • Don’t leave handbags, purses, wallets, laptops in a place that is visual from a window.
  • Think about locking access doors if gardening.
  • Set some rules for your household ensuring everyone thinks about the locking of windows and doors when leaving the house and when retiring at night.

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