What are access control systems? 

When referring to a physical access control system, this usually means an electronic security system. These use an identifier like an ID or access card which authorises people to enter the premises. Access control systems let you manage who has access to your building, when that access is allowed, and where they can go once they’re inside. This provides valuable data helping you keep track of how your buildings and sites are being used. It gives you peace of mind that your building has the security it needs to protect it and the people within it.  

Why have an access control system? 

Installing an access control system removes the risk of opportunist theft, malicious damage and personal attacks, keeping your building and the people and assets within it, safe. Losing keys or not locking doors will no longer pose security risks, and as you can control individual access rights, you’ll know that no one will be where they shouldn’t be. 

Additional benefits of access control systems 

Quite simply, access control systems are the best way of securing your building and assets, but they offer so much more than that. 
They can also: 
Help you save energy and money by switching off lighting, air con, heating and electrical appliances once the building is empty.  
Access control systems help HR keep track of attendance, unauthorised absence, sick days and holidays.  
They can integrate with your CCTV system, intruder alarms and fire alarms.  
They can also generate automatic roll call reports to use in the event of a fire alarm.  
Access control systems report real time events with an aerial view of your premises. 
Typical types of properties access control systems are installed in include: 
small/medium premises 
large corporate premises 
multiple-site premises 
government buildings 
universities and schools 
healthcare buildings 
gyms and sports clubs 
listed buildings 
car parks. 
Why Choose Locked and Secure Ltd for your 

Access Control 

Why Choose Locked and Secure Ltd for your 

Access Control 

We understand the safety of your people and premises is vital, and with a background in both security and criminal justice, we know how criminals think and behave. With this insider knowledge, we can work with you to develop an access control system that perfectly fits your requirements and sits comfortably within your budget. 
Access control systems are also appropriate in some domestic settings so we would be happy to advise you on this. 
Access control systems provide a secure, cost effective way of managing your building flexibly and easily. To find out more about access control, please call us on 01908 483233, 01205 449399 or 01733 598039. Alternatively, you can write to us via our contact page. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and arrange a free access control audit for your building. 
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