How Building control can help your business 

As leaders in the access control field, it’s no surprise that Paxton’s Net2 Access Control system can do much more than just manage the flow of people around your building. One of the remarkable, and often overlooked, benefits of Paxton’s Net2 Access Control system is its capacity to assist your business in conserving energy and reducing expenses. 
Below details exactly how building control can benefit your business through energy and financial savings.  

Access control provides energy and financial savings 

Access control can give you a simple business energy management system that takes seconds to programme and can save you thousands of pounds. Simply ask the system to switch off your lights, air conditioning, heating, and any electrical appliance that’s running when the last person leaves the building. By doing this you will see a dramatic reduction in your energy bill from the very first month. 
Because building control can be applied to different zones within your building, you can ask the system to switch the energy off automatically when the zone is empty. This means that you don’t have to keep the whole building running for one or two individuals. 

Access control is environmentally responsible 

Combining a business energy management system with access control is a great strategy for your company to increase its environmental responsibility and align with your CSR agenda. This integrated approach showcases your commitment to sustainability and can certainly contribute to reducing your ecological footprint. Automatically controlling when electricity should be on and off will avoid energy wastage and will create a greener and more environmentally conscious operation. 
Energy and financial savings for access control
Ideal premises for Net2 access control

Ideal premises for Net2 access control 

The ideal premises for Paxton's Net2 Access Control, which enables you to reduce your energy usage and bills, are those with a focus on energy efficiency and a desire to optimize resource consumption. Here are some types of premises that can benefit significantly from Net2 Access Control in terms of energy savings: 
✔ Corporate premises 
✔ Commercial premises 
✔ Multiple-site premises 
✔ Government buildings 
✔ Universities and schools 
✔ Healthcare buildings 
✔ Gyms and sports clubs 
✔ Listed buildings 
✔ Sheltered accommodation 
✔ Residential apartment blocks 
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