Keep your alarm in good working order 

Servicing the alarm on your premises is essential if you want  
it to be in good working order at all times. Not servicing your alarm could lead to your system failing when you need it most. 
Your insurance company will sometimes tell you what maintenance requirements you need to fulfill, so you should always check your documents before contracting a specialist. 
We service and maintain a range of different systems including, Texecom, Honeywell, Risco and Pyronix. If you have and existing system and would like to discuss your servicing requirements with us please call. 

Why service your alarm system? 


It goes without saying that if your insurance company says you need your alarm regularly maintained, you need to do so, to prevent you from invalidating your policy. 

Monitored Systems 

If you have a monitored system, you are required to have regular maintenance on your alarm to comply with relevant industry standards. 

Pre-empt Problems 

Fully testing your system will pre-empt any future problems and avoid unnecessary call-outs for repairs. 

Prevent False Alarms 

Alarm servicing helps prevent false alarms and ensure your system is operating as it should. 
Locked and Secure engineers will service and maintain your alarms.
A well-maintained alarm system is a deterrent for thieves.

Servicing your alarm with Locked and Secure Ltd 

As well as the benefits of alarm servicing mentioned above, if you service your alarms with us, you will also receive: 
✔ 24/7 Emergency Support 
An annual maintenance plan will give you 24/7 emergency support with your engineer. If you ever have a problem, you can get help from your engineer whenever you need them. 
✔ Call-Out Priority 
We will prioritise your emergency call above customers who do not have their systems maintained regularly. 
✔ Reduced Replacement Parts 
You will receive a 10% discount on call out charges and any replacement parts you require (not including batteries). 
Prices for alarm servicing 
Prices start from £60+VAT 
If we supply and install your system, you will automatically receive 12 months' remote support for free. 
We don’t believe in tying people into long-term contracts so ours last for 12 months.  
If you choose not to continue with your contract once the 12 months have passed, we will still be available for support and advice  
between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. 
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