Paxton access control software 

A PC-based access control system can help you do so much more with your building than you’d think. Paxton’s access control software lets you manage the flow of people around your building, find out where people are at any given moment, see events as they are happening and manage your buildings from anywhere in the world. What’s more, as the software is so easy to use, your administrators will be confident and competent in using the software within just two hours of training. 
Thanks to Paxton’s simple software, administrators can: 
✔ Instantly update user access levels at the PC. 
✔ Set up zones that only certain users can have access.  
✔ See exactly where everyone is in the building. 
✔ Monitor staff working hours. 
With a simple click of a button, you gain the power to effortlessly manage your access control software easily and efficiently while sitting at your desk. 
Whether it's a single door you need to control or a vast network of hundreds of doors with numerous users, Paxton's software empowers you to handle it all seamlessly from a single PC. This level of accessibility ensures seamless control over access permissions. 

Monitor your access points with access control software 

Being able to monitor your access points is crucial, allowing you to promptly see if a door has been forced open or if someone is trying to enter a restricted area. 
With Paxton’s access control software, users gain access to an events screen that shows where all staff and visitors are in real-time. This feature helps you to stay vigilant and swiftly respond to any security incidents. Having a comprehensive view of your premises helps you to physically protect your staff and assets as much as possible from potential threats. Paxton’s access control software ensures you can take proactive measures to enhance the overall security of your business. 

Get system alerts with access control sofware 

Thankfully, you don’t have to monitor the events screen 24/7 to know if know if your doors are being forced open or if someone is trying to gain access into a restricted area. Paxton’s access control software allows you to set up system alerts, meaning you will receive an email or text message alert whenever such incidents occur. This feature allows you to take the most appropriate action straight away, addressing any safety concerns promptly. 
Being able to manage your buildings from anywhere in the world is an invaluable advantage of this access control software. If you have more than one building to manage or you want to add a new site to your system, the process is extremely straight forward. You can effortlessly manage all your buildings remotely using a single PC, streamlining all your management tasks, enhancing overall efficiency and ease. 
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