Reliable and suitable fire systems 

As the responsible person for your premises, you will want to be confident that your fire systems are reliable and suitable. 
To meet UK fire safety regulations, you will need an effective fire alarm system and suitable emergency lighting, fire doors, systems and equipment to make sure people are alerted and can leave your building safely. Where possible, you will also want to make provision for a fire to be safely extinguished or its spread slowed down. 
After your fire risk assessment has been completed, we provide a comprehensive fire system survey, design and installation service. 

Fire system survey 

Your fire system must meet your specific requirements because your building and the way people use it will be unique. We will complete a detailed fire system survey so that we fully understand your current situation and can make accurate recommendations to meet your needs. 

Fire system design 

After conducting a fire risk assessment, we will help determine which system best suits your business. Our dedicated team will then begin designing the most suitable fire alarm system for you, your premises, and its unique environment. 
Our design service will help you to meet your fire safety commitments, providing a cost-effective design customised to your requirements, to suit the needs of your building and to meet British Standard BS 5839

Fire system installation 

The members of our installation team are qualified professionals. They will make sure that the system is installed to the highest standards to ensure it can carry out the job it is designed to do. 
With years of experience in installing systems of varying scales, from small to large, our team is well-equipped to handle projects of any size. We have the knowledge and skillset to ensure that your fire alarm system is installed correctly, following industry best practices and relevant regulations. 
When you entrust us with your fire system installation, you can rest assured that your system's performance is in capable hands. Our team's extensive experience and attention to detail will help minimise any potential issues or complications, allowing your fire alarm system to function optimally. 

Types of Fire system 

Conventional fire alarm systems usually divide the building into different detection zones which will each be on a circuit with a system of detectors and call points connected to a control panel. When a fire is detected in a zone it will appear on the control panel although the specific device will need to be identified in person. 
Addressable systems will show the location of each detector on the control panel, making it easier to identify the exact cause for the alert. 
Analogue addressable or intelligent systems can identify what is triggering a detector, like faults, a build-up of dust, or a genuine fire, which helps to reduce false alarms. 
Wireless systems provide similar functionality but don’t need physical cabling to operate because they use wireless, battery-powered detectors. 
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