Iwocapay for Business Security Equipment 

Iwocapay can help you afford security equipment for your business.  
This financing solution is tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses, providing flexible payment terms and competitive rates. With Iwocapay, you can spread the cost of your security equipment over a period that suits you, enabling you to enhance the safety of your business premises without straining your budget. 

Here's how it works.... 

Locked and Secure will send you an invoice 

The invoice will have a pay link; click on it to get going! 

Choose whether to pay now or later 

Pay Now: In just a few clicks, you can scan a code to pay us straight from your bank account. (No fees, interest, or failed transactions). 
Pay Later: You’ll be able to set up a payment plan with IwocaPay to split the cost into 3 monthly payments. 

Here’s how to Pay Later, over the next 3 months: 

Sign up in five minutes: you’ll only need to do this once. If you're approved, the first payment will be in 30 days - we'll get paid in full as soon as you checkout. The minimum payment will be automatically taken from the card you register with us. You can pay more than the minimum at any time. If you pay extra it’ll be deducted from the next payment or we’ll skip your next payment. 
Any questions about the finance please speak to us on the telephone at Locked and Secure on 01908 483233 or contact us. 

Can I pay my balance early? 

Yes, Iwocapay is really flexible and there are no hidden costs. 

What if I miss a payment? 

Log in to your Iwocapay account and make the payment by debit card or bank transfer. If you can’t make the payment for any reason then please call us to sort out a solution on 02037780549. 

How do I know a pay link is genuine? 

Check the link with your matching invoice from us. If you're still worried, you can contact your us directly and/or contact IwocaPay to verify the pay link. 

What are the benefits of Iwocapay as a business finance option? 

• You have the opportunity to purchase products without missing out. 
• It's a quick and easy application. 
• There are no upfront costs. 
• Repay total over 3 months with 3 equal repayments. 
• Your first payment is due 30 days from date of approval. 
• Repay early with no extra charges. 
• There are many TrustPilot reviews from happy customers. 
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