How access control can help businesses 

Paxton’s Net2 Access Control not only helps you manage the flow of people around your premises, but it also provides your business plenty of additional benefits that make your processes easier. This comprehensive solution offers various benefits that exceed expectations, making it a valuable asset to your organisation.  
Paxton's Net2 Access Control includes benefits such as:  
HR support. 
Existing CCTV and Fire alarm security integration. 
Financial savings through energy efficient actions.  
Paxton’s Net2 Access Control offers a comprehensive solution that offers sustainable value and benefits beyond your expectations.  

HR Support 

Paxton's access control system is equipped with HR support features, enabling easy management of employee access rights. You can seamlessly add or revoke access privileges as per personnel changes, such as new hires, terminations, or role adjustments. 
Using the software’s timesheet feature, your HR department will be able to monitor staff movements and working hours, giving you a comprehensive record of essential information. This information will help you: 
✔ Manage holidays. 
✔ Carry out payroll. 
✔ Monitor unauthorised absence. 
✔ Keep track of sick days. 

CCTV Integration 

One of the main benefits of access control with Paxton is its ability to integrate with your existing security measures, such as CCTV. By linking your CCTV to your access control system, you will only have to manage one piece of software, where you’ll be able to see CCTV images alongside door and alarm events. Being able to view an incident, such as someone trying to enter using a barred token, you’ll be able to see exactly who was trying to gain access and when and where it happened. 

Fire Alarm Integration 

Being able to programme your fire doors to unlock automatically in the event of a fire is one of the major benefits of access control from Paxton. Integrating your system with your fire alarm ensures optimum safety for your staff and helps you comply with fire regulations. When a fire alarm is triggered, the system will automatically create a roll call report to show who was in the building at the time. This report helps you identify those who are safe and anyone who may still be in the building, and it also gives you reliable information that you can pass to the fire brigade once they arrive. 

Energy and Financial Savings 

As mentioned on our energy management page, access control can hugely benefit your company’s wallet. Simply set your system to turn off your lights, heating, air conditioning and any other electrical equipment that may have been left on when the last person leaves a zone or the building. This will benefit you as it will significantly reduce the amount of energy your building is consuming, and therefore, your spend. 
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