Standalone 4G solar security kit from HikVision 

There’s no need for power and network cabling with this useful HikVision 4G solar security kit, making it ideal for remote locations. 
The Standalone 4G solar security kit from HikVision is easy to install and is robust, making it a dependable solution that can withstand challenging conditions. With this modern 4G solar security kit, you can have the reassurance of reliable CCTV security coverage in almost any location. 

About the HikVision standalone kit. 

With HikVisions state-of-the-art security solution, you don’t need to make a high-cost investment in power and network cabling.  
By harnessing solar power and seamless integration with major 4G networks, this innovative system provides reliable monitoring for large or remote sites. Say goodbye to high costs and embrace efficient, cost-effective way to monitor your locations with HikVision’s modern security solution. 

The HikVision standalone 4G solar security kit includes:   

30 frame per second camera. 
SD card storage. 
40ah insulated and rechargeable lithium battery. 
Operation for up to seven days without charging. 
25GB built-in storage. 
40w solar panel. 
Sleep function. 
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