Protecting your small business from intruders and criminal damage 

We understand that as a small business owner, you probably haven’t got the time to research all the different kinds of security measures out there. If you did, you might be worried about the cost and shying away from getting it sorted. That’s why we’d love to help you. 
No one understands the security needs of a small business better than a family business run by people with a criminal justice background. Whether you want to deter burglars, protect your staff, or need to comply with your insurance requirements, we can help. 
We will always visit your premises for a free, no obligation site audit, but we know cost will be an important factor for you so we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your budget. 

Intruder Alarms 

For a small business, an intruder alarm is the main piece of security equipment you’ll need. It’s the number one deterrent for any potential intruder. We offer a range of intruder alarms that are ideal for offices, retail spaces, restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops. 


To be able to watch what’s happening within and/or outside your building, CCTV is your best bet. Nowadays you can watch live streaming from your smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can keep an eye on your customers, employees, and assets from wherever you are in the world. As with our intruder alarms, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your budget. 

Door entry 

If your team works in an office, a door entry system might be a good idea for you. With an audio or video unit on the outside of your property and another inside for you, these systems give you peace of mind by letting you control who enters the building. 

Access control 

Although more commonly used in medium to large scale businesses, there’s also access control to consider. Installing an access control system lets you manage who has access to your building, when they’re allowed inside, and where they can go within your premises. 

Smoke screens 

If you’re a shop owner, you might be interested in a smoke screen system, which works on the premise that you can’t steal what you can’t see. Once the system is triggered, the room fills with an impenetrable barrier of dense, white smoke, which prevents the intruder from being able to see. 

Other Security Options 

There are also plenty of other security measures you can use for a small business. For instance, your premises might benefit from security gates, barriers, roller shutters, window grilles or a safe or vault being fitted. We’ll always advise whether these are necessary for your business during our site audit. 
Locked and Secure offer a range of small business security solutions.


We understand that as a small business owner, you’re probably worried about the cost of securing your premises.  
Don’t worry; we can arrange a finance deal for you with our partners, Focus Leasing, so you can afford the new equipment.  
Contact us to find out more. 
If you’d like to find out more about our solutions for small businesses, call us today on 01908 483233, 01205 449399 or 01733 598039, or email us via our contact page. Alternatively, request your free, no obligation security audit and we’ll arrange a time to visit your property. 
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