Protect your Milton Keynes property with Security gates and Barriers 

Ensuring the security of your property is not only crucial for your peace of mind but also for safeguarding against theft and damage. That's why considering security gates and barriers is a wise investment. Our gate and barrier solutions are uniquely crafted to meet your precise needs, location in Milton Keynes, and automation preferences. 
Whether your needs are for commercial or residential purposes, our security gates and barriers are versatile, accommodating a wide range of applications. They are ideal for managing both vehicle and pedestrian access at residential properties and provide excellent security for areas such as car parks, schools, hospitals, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities in Milton Keynes. 
Our gate and barrier systems are equipped with customisable access control features, tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on the volume and frequency of individuals entering and exiting your premises, we offer personalised access control solutions. These options may include cutting-edge features like automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), access fobs or identity cards, all complemented by remote CCTV monitoring and control for comprehensive security. 

Security assessments and maintenance, Milton Keynes.  

At Locked and Secure, we specialise in a comprehensive range of services encompassing the installation, repair, and maintenance of various gate and barrier systems. Our team boasts extensive experience and expertise, making them proficient in handling all types of gate and barrier setups to guarantee optimal performance and functionality. 
As a distinguished Gate Safe Approved Installer, our commitment extends beyond mere installations. We diligently ensure that every installation we undertake adheres to the necessary safety requirements. By choosing us, you gain the peace of mind that your gates and barriers are not only functional but also safe and secure. 
Locked and Secure are a Gate Safe Approved Installer
In high-traffic areas, regular security assessments and maintenance are not just advisable; they are a legal requirement. We take the responsibility of assisting you in meeting these obligations. Our approach involves conducting thorough security assessments and establishing tailored maintenance schedules for your systems to ensure their ongoing reliability and compliance with regulations. 
Following each service, our commitment to transparency shines through. We provide a comprehensive written report covering all the systems and equipment we've worked on. Within this report, you will find our professional recommendations for any necessary work. Our primary goal is to keep you well-informed about the condition of your gate and barrier systems, ensuring their continued reliability and compliance with industry standards. With Locked and Secure, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your security and peace of mind. 

Custom made security gates and barriers in Milton Keynes. 

Our approach involves carefully assessing your security requirements and recommending a tailored gate or barrier solution that not only protects your Milton Keynes property effectively but also seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. 
The installation phase is executed by our team of seasoned engineers, ensuring that your system is not only safe but also dependable. In commercial or industrial contexts, our installations adhere to stringent standards, including British Standard EN13241 and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. This encompasses critical safety features such as safety edges, crushing and pull-in point prevention, regulated force, and backing-off settings, as well as self-testing mechanisms to always ensure resilience and compliance. 
Why customers in Milton Keynes choose Locked and Secure for their 

Security Gates and Barriers. 

We prioritise the safety of your people and property, recognising its paramount importance. Our team boasts a unique blend of expertise in both security and criminal justice, giving us valuable insights into criminal behaviour and thought processes. Leveraging this insider knowledge, we collaborate closely with you to develop gate and barrier solutions that align seamlessly with your requirements, suit your Milton Keynes location, and are well within your budget constraints. 
Our gate and barrier systems offer a secure and cost-effective means of managing access to your property with flexibility and ease. To find out more about how we can enhance your security, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 01908 483233. Or you can contact us through our website's contact page. We are eager to address any inquiries you may have and even arrange a complimentary security audit for your property. Your safety and peace of mind is our utmost priorities. 
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