Removing or reducing the risk of fire at your commercial premises is your responsibility
Locked and Secure now undertake our own fire services. 
You can rely on us to fulfil all your security measures, as well as the commercial fire safety requirements your business needs. 
Contact us for: - 
Fire risk assessments 
Fire system design 
Fire system installation 
Fire system maintenance. 
Protect your business from the devastation fire can cause with an effective risk assessment and fire systems. 

Our fire safety services 

Whether you’re an existing customer or we’re working together for the first time, you can arrange the following fire safety services with us: 

Fire Risk Assessments 

Business and residential premises all require fire risk assessments. Fire safety plans are then based off the assessment’s findings. This assessment should be reviewed every year and completed again every 5 years by a competent person. 
The assessment should include things such as the buildings’ structure, layout, and use, and who is living or working within the building. The assessment will outline security measure to prevent arson and measures to prevent or slow down the spread of fire. 
You’re the person responsible for your building’s safety needs to ensure that there is a valid fire risk assessment. They are also the one responsible for taking action to prevent fires, for example by checking fire extinguishers. 

Fire system design and installation: 

To meet UK fire safety regulations, you need an effective fire alarm system, fire doors and emergency lighting. This ensures that people are alerted and able to leave the building safely in event of an emergency. 
After your fire risk assessment is complete, we provide a comprehensive fire system survey, design, and installation service. 
Firstly, we will determine which system best suits you and your business. We will then begin designing a fire alarm system that best suits you, your premises, and its environment. We provide a cost-effective design that meets your requirements and suits your buildings needs, heling to meet your fire safety commitments. 
Our team ensure that your fire alarm system is installed to the highest standards. Our experienced team is equipped to handle projects of any size. Following industry best practices and relevant regulations, we make sure that your system is installed correctly, minimising potential future issues. You can rest assured that your systems performance is in good hands. 

Fire system maintenance: 

We make sure that your fire safety system works as it should. Conducting regular fire system maintenance reinstalls your confidence in its reliability during an emergency. Like any other equipment, fire alarms can become damaged over time, impacting its functionality. Factors such as temperature, humidity and voltage fluctuations can lead to false alarms or inadequate response. Investing in maintenance of your alarm system helps maintain your compliance with the regulatory requirements. 
Daily checks should be carried out, keeping a record of any failures. An action plan should then be put in place to fix any issues when they occur. At least one fire detector and automatic release of fire doors should be tested each week. Quarterly tests are to include batteries, connections, alarm functions, indicators, and audible alarms. Each year, a competent person should review that all components are working correctly. 

Your fire safety obligations 

If you are responsible for a commercial building you must make sure you have an up-to-date fire risk assessment and that you have appropriate measures in place to remove or minimise the risk of fire and to keep employees and visitors safe. 
Your assessment and any necessary work should be carried out by someone who is competent to comply with legislation and the terms of your insurance policy. If you don’t complete your assessment properly or the work you commission is inadequate or ineffective you could be breaking the law and putting your members of staff, assets, and visitors at risk too. 
We can provide a full inspection, testing and maintenance service on a schedule to suit you and provide Inspection and Servicing Certificates. 
We will provide a report about anything that requires immediate or future action and quotations, so there won’t be any surprises. 
Please contact us to discuss your security and fire safety requirements. 
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