Removing or reducing the risk of fire at your commercial premises is your responsibility

Ensuring that your property is gate safe.  

The following statistics were found as a result of a Gate Safety by Design survey. 
Out of 100 installers: 
84% reported that they perceived unsafe design to be the most common cause for automated gate accidents in the last 10 years. 
58% reported that the failure to eliminate hinge crushing / lack of finger guards were the most common flaws witnessed in the field and that was followed by a lack of safeguarding against falling gates. 
A huge majority advised that well over half of all gates that they were called out to check or maintain could be classed as unsafe by design, from inappropriately trained installers (62%), architects / specifiers (22%) and gate manufacturers (16%) 

The purpose of yellow zig zag lines.  

We frequently see yellow zig zag markings on the road near schools, hospitals, fire stations which have regular - and emergency - traffic flow. These markings mean that stopping, even for a moment, for example to drop someone off outside of the premise, is not allowed. 
These road markings are present for everyone to be able to see children, or other pedestrians who may try to cross the road and avoid being obstructed by vehicles blocking their line of sight. 
Additionally, these markings also assist emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances, in reaching their destinations quickly and efficiently. Ensuring that these areas are free from parked vehicles allows emergency services to respond promptly, potentially saving lives. 

Is it safe to fit a gate in a zig zag area?  

The answer here would be no. it is not safe to install a gate within an area marked with these road markings. Take a school for example; the driver would need to stop in the zig zag area to reach an intercom system for entry. This would obscure the visibility of children and other pedestrians and the driver could face a fixed penalty notice for failure to respect road markings. Installing a gate in such a location could lead to potential safety hazards. 
It is so important to be aware of the location when installing automated gates. 
When installing automated gates or any other access control systems, it is critical to be mindful of the location and adhere to road safety regulations. Automated gates should be installed in a manner that does not obstruct visibility or create hazards for pedestrians or drivers. Choosing an appropriate location for the gate and ensuring compliance with local traffic regulations are essential steps to prioritise safety for all those involved. 
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