Your business premises can be at risk after dark.
Business premises don’t usually open around the clock, and even those that do have very few people in the building outside normal working hours. 
Keeping your business secure when few people are present on site can be a challenge and there isn’t a single approach that will suit every business, building and insurance policy. 
There are basic steps you and your employees can take to improve security and reduce the risk of crime. 

Always use your security systems 

TWhen you’re the last person to leave set your intruder alarm and check that your CCTV is working as it should. This might seem obvious, but they can be easily overlooked if you’re busy or distracted. 
If you have door entry or access control systems lock any zones you don’t want people to access out of office hours, but make sure your keyholders can be contacted if there’s an emergency. If your system sends your keyholders a text message or pop-up notification when your security has been breached, make sure whoever is on duty to receive these messages will always have access to WiFi or a good mobile phone signal. 

Change your passwords and codes 

We might all have some bad habits but neglecting your security passwords and codes can put your business at unnecessary risk. Set some strict rules for how often they will be changed for all your security systems, safes, and vaults. Only share the new codes with people who need to know them, such as your key holders and employees who might need access if you are unavailable. 

Review your security 

If you haven’t got a security system in place it’s worth serious consideration. Statistics show that over 20% of all business crime involves burglary, vandalism and attempted vehicle theft, so having the right security measures in place for your business is important. 
There are simple and cost-effective things you can do to protect your business, property and assets. 
Timer switches are cheap and easy to use. Attach them to lights or other devices you have in your workplace that won’t be a fire risk if they are switched on outside your normal hours. Potential intruders won’t want to take the risk that someone might be inside your building. 
Installing motion sensor lights above doors and large windows can be a very effective deterrent. Illuminating the space whenever someone passes will draw attention to any movement and thieves are unlikely to stay in a brightly lit area as they won’t want to be seen breaking into your property. 
If you have to keep cash at your premises make sure you have a safe that is well hidden. 
Before you lock up your building each day get in to a routine of checking that garages, outbuildings, gates and fences are all secured with good quality padlocks and chains where necessary. Where possible bring equipment inside and check that there aren’t any bins or other items that thieves could use to climb up to windows or vents that might not be as secure as the doors and windows on your ground floor. 
If you would like some advice about security for your business premises or a free, no obligation security audit, please get in touch. 
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