Wireless Car Defender

Keep your vehicle safe with The CarDefender. 

Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix alarms, the CarDefender is a three-axis accelerator device designed to enhance vehicle security. This innovative device is not only recommended for cars. It can also be used to protect other high-value items that are stored in your garage. This can include items such as motorbikes and mountain bikes. Giving you ensured protection over your chosen mode of transportation. 
The CarDefender comes with a specially designed, brightly coloured silicone rubber mount. This allows users to easily strap it to their vehicles steering wheel. This ensures both reliability and visual deterrence, making it clear to potential intruders that the vehicle is protected. This gives customers added peace of mind in the event of attempted theft or break-ins. 

How does the CarDefender work? 

The CarDefender has been developed with a focus on combatting vehicle theft, especially in the context of keyless entry methods. This device acts as a powerful new line of defence to deter intruders. In the event of an attempted theft, the CarDefender raises the house alarm. This provides owners with an early warning and allowing them to take action as soon as possible. This early alert significantly reduces the likelihood of successful thefts, as the intruders are detected and deterred before they can carry out their plan. 
By integrating the CarDefender with Pryonix alarms, customers gain an enhanced level of security for their vehicles, providing peace of mind and protection against potential thefts. The CarDefenders ability to raise the house alarm ensures that any unauthorised activity is quickly detected and acted upon. This therefore prevents thieves from operating unnoticed. The the CarDefender as an essential part of keeping your vehicle safe. You can rest assured that your valuable assets are safeguarded, and any attempted theft is quickly noticed and stopped. 
At Locked and Secure we are dedicated to improving your safety. Our business and home alarm systems help to ensure the protection of your valuable assets, providing you with peace of mind. 
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