PAC access control for residential and business security
The PAC access control system is scalable, easy to install and cost effective to maintain. It includes readers, controllers, identification devices, and management solutions. They can all be integrated seamlessly with door entry, video surveillance, time and attendance, intruder and fire safety systems. 
This well-established range is based on more than 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing flexible and secure access control products and integrated security solutions for commercial and residential uses. 
The PAC controller provides features normally only offered by PC-based systems

An easy to instal and use access control system 

The smart, compact PAC controller provides most of the features normally only offered by PC-based systems. 
It can be configured remotely on any mobile device via the app. You can simply scan the QR code laser-etched onto a token or card to create a new user. A single system can be expanded to up to eight controllers to manage up to 250 unique users, each with their own customised access privileges. 
We can configure the system for you without any additional software or servers. Up to 2,000 keyholder records can be held with time profiles, access levels, tamper alarms and a programmable door-unlock time. It also includes ‘door forced’ and ‘left open’ alarms. 
Changing user access privileges, creating new users or deleting redundant tokens is just as straightforward. System administrators can easily control and enforce secure access for your premises. 
Occupancy management features include managed entrance, occupancy tracking and anti-passback so that keyholders can be accurately traced. 
So, for example, you can make sure people in your premises follow designated flow systems through buildings and that there aren’t too many people in specific areas. Automated event notifications can send messages when occupancy limits are reached and entry can be restricted. 
Programmable access control for up to 2,000 key holders
App-based control on your smartphone
PAC’s secure Residential Cloud for accommodation complexes provides high security access control with advanced keyholder configuration and management. 
Third-party equipment integration, including building services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning allows systems to be centrally managed. Lift control means that keyholders can be assigned access to specific floors. 
For all your access control requirements please give us a call or arrange a free no obligation survey on 01908 483233 | 01205 449399 | 01733 598039 or drop us a message using our contact us page. 
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