Your business premises can be at risk after dark.
As you all are aware the last Sunday of this month at 2am the clocks go back signalling that winter is coming, the days are shorter and the evenings are noticeably darker. It makes it easier for burglars to know when properties are occupied, and it makes it easier for intruders to hide in dark spaces. 
Here are some safety tips to protect you and your property when the clocks change. 

Leave your lights on 

When you go out it may be a good idea to leave a couple of your internal lights on, or even leave the TV at a low volume. You can purchase lights that are on a timer which mimic motion throughout your home if you stay away for longer periods of time. 
It is best to have external lighting installed. These can be on continually or have a motion sensor and will deter burglars from lurking in dark spaces. Most burglars would bypass a house that is well lit. 

Secure doors and windows 

If your property is occupied it is still best to secure all doors and windows, and if you are heading out for the evening do the same too. Burglars tend to access through any easy route possible so check your garages and adjoining buildings. These are often forgotten and have minimal security. 

Hide your valuables 

Do not leave personal belongings or items of great value near to windows and doors. People often leave car keys near doors and sometimes even keys in front or back doors that have letterboxes. Keys can easily be turned from the outside and the property accessed or tools can be used to grab items close to the windows and doors. 

Invest in a security system 

The best way to deter intruders is to have CCTV or an Intruder Alarm System fitted by an accredited company. With technology nowadays you can keep an eye on your home from a smart device from anywhere in the world. You can even have notifications set up to alert you of anyone approaching your property or entering your home. 
If you would like some advice about security for your home or business premises or a free, no obligation security audit, please get in touch. 
Keep your property safe this winter when the clocks go back! 
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