Safeguarding your small business in Milton Keynes against crime. 

We recognise that as a small business owner, delving into the vast realm of security options might not be feasible given your time constraints. Concerns about expenses could also deter you from addressing this issue. Theres where Locked and Secure is happy to help. 
Being a family business, we understand what it’s like to be a small business with security needs. Whether your aim is deterring break-ins, ensuring staff safety, or fulfilling insurance requirements, we’ve got you covered. 
A commitment-free site audit is always part of our process. We understand that cost is a pivotal factor for small business owners in Milton Keynes. So, we are committed to collaborating with you to identify the optimal solution within your budget. 

Intruder Alarms, Milton Keynes 

When it comes to small businesses, an intruder alarm is the foundation of your security system. It serves as the primary tactic for discouraging trespassers. Our selection of intruder alarms caters perfectly to various business settings in Milton Keynes. Whether this includes offices, retail spaces, restaurants, pubs, bars, or coffee shops. Rest assured; we've got you covered. 

CCTV, Milton Keynes 

To monitor both interior and exterior spaces, CCTV is your optimal choice. Contemporary technology allows live streaming directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This grants you the ability to maintain surveillance over customers, staff, and assets regardless of your location. 
Just like our approach with intruder alarms, we’re committed to tailoring solutions to your financial considerations. 

Door entry, Milton Keynes 

If your team works within an office environment in Milton Keynes, considering a door entry system could be helpful for you. These systems provide a sense of security, equipped with audio or video units outside the premises and corresponding units inside. This enables you to regulate access to your building. This control ensures you know and authorise those who enter. 

Access control, Milton Keynes 

While primarily used in larger businesses, access control is a factor that shouldn’t be overlooked. The implementation of an access control system allows you to oversee the individuals permitted to enter your premises, what time they can enter, and define where they have access within your property. 

Smoke screens, Mitlon Keynes 

Smoke screens could hold substantial appeal for shop owners. This innovative solution operates on the fundamental principle that thieves can’t take what they can’t see. Once activated, the system releases an impenetrable curtain of dense, white smoke, effectively filling the room and obstructing the intruder’s line of sight. 

Other Security Options, Milton Keynes 

Numerous additional security measures are available for small businesses in Milton Keynes. For example, your building could potentially gain from the installation of security gates, barriers, roller shutters, window grilles, or even a secure safe or vault. We will always provide guidance on the relevance of these measures for your business as part of our free site audit
Locked and Secure offer a range of small business security solutions.


We recognise the concerns that often come with being a small business owner, especially regarding the expenses tied to securing your establishment. We empathise with your situation. However, rest assured that we have a solution in place.  
Through our partnership with Focus Leasing, we can facilitate a tailored finance agreement, making it feasible for you to comfortably acquire the necessary new equipment. Your financial worries wont need to hinder your commitment to enhancing your security. 
Contact us for more information. 
For more information about our offerings tailored for small businesses in Milton Keynes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 01908 483233. You can also drop us an email through our contact page. Or feel free to request a complementary security audit, which comes with no strings attached. We’ll then coordinate a suitable time to conduct an assessment of your business in Milton Keynes. 
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